Essential Oils

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Essential Oils are powerful, highly aromatic, natural plant extracts with beneficial properties that assist in the treatment of common ailments

The most effective ways to use Essential Oils are
• Massage – mix 6 drops with 10ml of a carrier oil
• Compress – add 6 drops to 1L water, soak a cloth, squeeze and place onto skin
• Vaporization - generally adding about  6 drops to water

• Inhalation – add up to 6 drops to hot water, cover head with towel, close eyes & inhale for up to 5 min. Repeat as necessary.
• Bath – add 6 drops to milk or vegetable oil  then add to bath & soak for 15min
• Direct Application – by recommendation from a professional

CAUTIONS when using Essential Oils
• Not for oral use and
​Not during pregnancy

• Avoid contact with eyes
• Keep away from naked flame and store sensibly