A natural remedy for cold and flu symptoms. Relieves nasal congestion, making breathing easier. Fabulous aid for muscular aches and pains. Use topically only; inhaler or as a vaporizer.

Winter Balm

  • A fabulous natural remedy for cold and flu symptoms and muscular aches and pains.
    Relieves nasal congestion, making breathing easier. Imparts a cooling and soothing effect. Excellent for the relief of coughing. Fabulous aid for muscular aches, headaches and joint pains.
    Use topically only, inhaler or as a vaporizer.

    Directions for use:
    For cold and flu symptoms: With a little Winter Balm on the finger tips, rub vigorously together to create heat, cup hands around nose and mouth, breath deeply. Massage sparingly on the throat, back and décolletage area. Add Winter Balm to hot water for inhalation or vaporization.
    For body aches: Work a small amount of Winter Balm into the pained area. For larger areas apply with massage oil; if desired.
    Cautionary Advise: Use sparingly as this is an INTENSE BALM that SHOULD NOT be used on sensitive parts of the body, if heat is too extreme, cool with moistened cloth. A PATCH TEST IS RECOMMENDED BEFORE USE and ALWAYS AVOID CONTACT with EYES and wash hands well after use. Store safely away from children.

    Ingredients: Menthol, Beeswax, Cassia Oil, Camphor Oil.


    Feedback from relieved clients indicate after the use of Winter Balm:
    • Relief from nasal congestion and sinus pain
    • Ease of breathing
    • Ease of headaches
    • Relief from sciatica pain, neck and back aches
    • Easing of calf muscle tension
    • Muscular stress relief from exertion after sporting activities and manual work
    • Increased movement of areas limited by the effects from car accidents
    • Relief of pain and joint stiffness relating to arthritic problems.