The Skin - a miraculous organ

January 26, 2015

The Skin - a miraculous organ


Part 1


Human skin is the largest of the bodies’ organs; however we generally take it for granted. Each square centimeter has 6 million cells, 5000 sensory points, 100 sweat glands and 15 sebaceous glands. Skin is constantly being regenerated, the life of a skin cell is approx 4 weeks- born in the lower layer (dermis); migrating up towards the outer most skin layer (epidermis), as it reaches the surface it dies and is shed. Like the concierge the skin greets and deals with infection, injuries and temperature extremes; it also absorbs without discrimination, nutrient rich formulations and synthetic chemicals are all absorbed into the body. An interesting test of the permeability of the skin, is to rub a clove of garlic onto the soles of feet, it travels through the body and can be tasted within about 20min. Healthy skin requires balance and nutrition; cleansing, moisturisation and hydration from without & within; electing healthy lifestyle habits and choosing skin care with formulations of ingredients selected for their healing and therapeutic properties is the path to improving skin texture & rejuvenation.




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