The Skin - a miraculous organ

Part 2

Although we often only think of our skin as our beauty organ, conveying valuable information to the outside world about who we are, it is wise to remember that our skin is a fully operational organ of our body with a multitude of functions apart from providing “eye candy” to others. As the largest of the body’s organs; your skin functions as a protective barrier, helping to defend your body from outside environmental influences. Your skin helps to maintain the ideal body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius, and protects from extremes of temperature. It functions similar to a thermostat, either keeping heat in or cooling you down through perspiration. Your skin is one of the many components of the immune system. The epidermis layer of the skin contains specialized cells that help to prevent toxic microorganisms from entering your body. These cells engulf and devour bacteria, viruses and fungi before they can cause further damage within your body. Your skin protects internal organs from the damage that would otherwise be inflicted by the ultra-violet radiation in sunshine. Your skin is entirely responsible for your sense of touch, helping you to communicate with the outside world, and is responsible for your sense of pain, helping you to avoid dangers before they damage you.

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