The Skin - a miraculous organ

Part 3

The ‘eye candy’ component of your skin is as relevant as all of the other functions as it is the primary organ of sexual attraction. Perspiration contains compounds named pheromones that are subtly detected by the opposite sex. Maintaining the attractiveness of the skin throughout your life is vital, not just for the allure of your partner but also for your own self-confidence as well as for the essential functions of your skin.

Your skin helps to maintain your body’s water balance; it helps to prevent dehydration by preventing excessive loss of water. Your skin is responsible for some of the waste disposal functions of the body; this excretion process occurs 24 hours a day. Skin pores transport various toxins including carbon dioxide and excess water out of your body via perspiration. Your skin has connections with your nervous system; think of embarrassing moments that cause you to blush, or the cold sweat that occurs when you are frightened or startled. This occurs because your sweat glands have been stimulated by your parasympathetic nervous system.

The skin is truly miraculous and is an organ we really should be treating with appreciation. Without even one of its functions our health would be in jeopardy. Take the time to care for your skin and be aware of what you are applying and absorbing in that care routine.

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