Winter Balm

With the change of seasons upon us, so come the chills, colds and influenza infections. Aside from the general recommendation of good nutrition, plenty of liquids & hot teas and gargling; add the benefit of some Vitamin D from the sun. One of the main recommendations of rest is not always possible in our modern day lifestyles. This is where the ‘little extras’ may be of great benefit and can be simply applied at home or in the work place.

Calvert Creaks’ Winter Balm and the use of essential oils are amongst those ‘little extras’.

One of my absolute favourite products in the Calvert Creak range.

I use Winter Balm on a regular basis as a fabulous natural remedy for cold and flu symptoms and body aches and pains.

The concentrated heat created by the Winter Balm formula relieves nasal congestion, making breathing easier; and provides relief from coughing. It also assists with muscular aches associated with flu symptoms.

With a little Winter Balm on the finger tips, rub vigorously together to create warmth and vapour, cup hands around nose and mouth then breathe deeply. This will help to clear nasal congestion and you may feel it extending right through the sinus area. Repeat this process as often as required. Massage Winter Balm sparingly on the throat and neck to soothe the soreness of the throat; also massage into the shoulder blade area and back when experiencing the aches of flu symptoms.

Use essential oils or add a smidgen of Winter Balm for inhalation or vaporization.

  • For steam inhalation

  • By your pillow

  • On a tissue or handkerchief

  • In an oil diffuser

  • Cleansing candle – after lighting add a drop to the melted wax near the wick

  • Air spray – add to a small spray bottle filled with warm water and shake before use.

  • Aromafire – apply to dry wood and allow to permeate for a few days prior to burning.

Essential oils from your first aid kit which are effective for the above techniques are:

  • Peppermint

  • Eucalyptus

  • Lavender

Winter Balm is also excellent for body aches: strains, sprains & pains of injuries from sporting and general activities.

Work a small amount of Winter Balm into the pained area (only), allowing time for penetration, cooling and warming before adding extra Balm; as heat may be increase.

Use in association with Massage Oil or a carrier oil for larger areas and moderate warming.

I personally use Winter Balm for headaches, by massaging a TINY amount into the temples and / or over the forehead. I pick a time when I can sit with my eyes closed for a few minutes while the Winter Balm penetrates and the vapour dissipates.


Use topically only.

Rub directly where needed only as Winter Balm may create an intense heat.

Avoid contact with eyes, open wounds and sensitive areas of the body.

If heat becomes too intense apply a cool damp cloth to area.

Do Not Use for babies or young children.

Keep out of reach of children.

Wash hands thoroughly after use.

Feedback from relieved clients indicate after the use of Winter Balm:

  • Relief from nasal congestion and sinus pain

  • Ease of breathing, headaches

  • Respite from sciatica pain

  • Relief to neck tension and back aches

  • Reduction of calf muscle tension and exertion of muscular stress after sporting activities

  • Increased movement of areas limited by the effects from car accidents

  • Joint improvement from arthritic problems

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