Caring for winter dry skin

The miraculous body produces sebum (natural oils) to protect the skin. Dry skin can be the result of environmental factors, diet & general health, heredity tendencies and the reduction in the levels of sebum production due to the natural aging process. The skin can become dehydrated, rough and more prone to visible signs of aging. Maintaining our skin continually through the changing conditions of life will support the continuous cycle of the skins renewal system. Retaining and replenishing hydration and nourishment with an appropriate skin care regime will help preserve vital moisture and youthfulness.

As our skin type will generally change continuously throughout the seasonal months and years; depending on climate, age and hormonal changes; so we need to constantly be aware of our skins needs and address it with appropriate solutions. Be attentive to the contributors to dry skin such as those previously mentioned as well as deficiency of essential vitamins, allergies and disorders such as dermatitis and eczema, signs of thyroid issues and the effects of some medications.

Winter time is when we relish hot steamy showers or long soaking baths; however hot water is notorious for stripping the skin of its natural oil barrier. Try to keep the water temperature moderate with a 5 – 10 minute bathe time. Applying your moisturizer while the skin is damp will help lock in moisture to hydrate & revitalize the skin.

Daily Care for the Skin Dry skin requires conscientious and gentle care.

The Face.

Cleansing with a mild pH balanced product and frequent moisturisation to protect & nourish the skin is a must. Always use tepid water to wash the face; splashed on, not direct water force, never drag or be over vigorous with actions on the skin. For day moisturizing; apply moisturizer under make up to keep the skin hydrated. At night remove make up with an oil based remover - the oil adheres to makeup and daily grime for easy removal with a cotton pad.

For a Quick Treat with Calvert Creaks’ Make Up Removal Oil

  • remove make up as usual

  • add a little more oil to the face

  • soak a clean, soft wash cloth in warmed water, squeeze well

  • cover face for five minutes and relax

  • gently wipe off any excessive oil with clean cotton pads

Evenings are the perfect times to apply serums and luscious crèmes for maximum benefit of absorption to increase deep tissue nourishment and hydration.

The Body.

The body has a lesser number of sebum secreting glands compared with facial skin, however we sometimes forget that care is required all over our body. Use gentle cleansing products and easily absorbed lotions for the daytime, then be generous with sumptuous butters or oils in the evening for super moisturisation.

Start Today!!

Give to yourself some of the attention you lavish on others.

Restoring resilience, replenishing moisture and rebuilding support layers through our daily and weekly regimen will assist to retain vital moisture.

A healthy, glowing, nurtured skin; no matter the type of skin you have today; will increases your confidence and provides the potential for your skin to fight against the aging factors of tomorrow.

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