Know your skin - Seductive


Seductive & Gorgeous


  • fair complexion

  • fine textured or ‘thin skin’

  • delicate, tending to be dry

  • prone to reactions from various products and chemicals

  • tendency to redden easily

  • reacts by stinging or uncomfortable sensations

  • prone to rashes and irritations

  • burns easily with sun exposure

  • reacts to change in weather conditions


  • Sensitive skin is easily irritated by anything from a new fragrance to laundry detergent or medications and must be treated with great care.

  • It is important to use products specifically developed for sensitivities to avoid provoking negative reactions.

  • Everybody's skin has the potential to become "sensitive", although some people experience ongoing symptoms of sensitivity.

  • Usually dry, delicate and sensitive or mature skin that is thin and fragile is most susceptible to broken capillaries.

  • Soothe, calm and hydrate the skin with a regular maintenance program that will strengthen cell tissue.

  • Effects all ages and genders


  • avoid abrasive cleansers and coarse facial scrubs

  • reject harsh cosmetics

  • discourage vigorous massage

  • evade rough handling of the skin

  • precautions in extreme changes in temperature, harsh winds & overexposure to the sun

  • limit alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods

  • regulate stimulants and certain pharmaceuticals

  • any element may become a sensitivity to an individual


  • Endeavor to determine the cause of the sensitivity

  • Treating the complexion with care will assist in the prevention of broken capillaries

  • Select products suitable for a sensitive complexion

  • Always tend to the skin gently

  • Use a basic oil such as jojoba, coconut or olive as a makeup remover

  • Cleanse with a naturally mild cleanser

  • Restore skin resilience and retain moisture and hydration with a soothing moisturizer

  • Protect the skin with extra moisturisation during cold or windy weather / heat & sun

  • A nutritional diet – avoiding foods that may disrupt the bodys’ balance

  • Maintain internal hydration with an adequate daily water intake


  • generally balanced and trouble free

  • may experience mild T Zone nuance

  • skin is producing a balanced measure of sebum; neither oily or dry

  • slight dryness around face perimeter

  • has small pores

  • may get a little shiny on the T-zone at times

  • occasionally slightly dry on the cheeks

  • have the occasional pimple or blackhead

Nicely Balanced

  • Normal skin has a fairly balanced sebum production, however it does not signify perpetually perfect or continuously flawless.

  • Normal skin needs no extensive fastidious care now, but one should think of tomorrow

  • Maintaining the skin through concerns of cyclic and hormonal changes, seasonal and environmental effects are imperative.


  • maintain skin with a relaxed daily regimen

  • gentle cleansing

  • sustain hydration through appropriate moisturization

  • weekly exfoliation and facial mask remove dead skin cells and reduce the effects of an unfavorable environment

  • be aware of changes in the skin and react accordingly

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