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Probably the most common complexion type, which may span from the fabulous teens through to the wonderful menopausal femme fatale

  • prone to breakouts, pimples and blackheads

  • redness

  • inflammation and irritation

  • skin is producing varied amounts of sebum in different areas

  • resulting in an oily or shiny appearance on the T-zone (forehead – nose – chin)

  • have visible pores in the T-zone

  • occasionally get slightly dry on the cheeks


A truly oily skin is perhaps the least typical skin type

  • prone to breakouts, pimples and blackheads

  • enlarged pores

  • shiny skin due to over-active sebum production

  • heat and high humidity can increase sebum levels

Principal Offenders

  • an overabundance of surface skin cells and excess sebum production

  • excessive oil plus daily grime combined with bacteria resulting in inflammation

  • squeezing a pimple may create further irritation

  • excessive application of makeup

  • zealous scrubbing of the skin

  • hormones – adolescent changes, menstrual cycle

  • individual genetics

Classic Beliefs

  • scrub the skin to remove the oiliness

  • add no moisturizing to the skin

  • squeeze that gunk out!!!

  • add a mountain of makeup to hide the breakouts

Pragmatic Analysis

  • Regular and gentle regime is vital

  • Moisturise – lack of hydration may trigger the sebaceous glands to respond by producing even more oil

  • Avoid excess scrubbing - this will generally increase sebum production

  • Resist the urge to pick or squeeze

  • A blemish has a lifespan between 3 and 7 days

  • A balanced wholesome diet supports the skins vitality


  • Resist the temptation to touch blemishes - this may cause prolonged aggravation and can cause further infection

  • Avoid clogging the skin with heavy makeup – if you must; use a concealer with a light foundation

  • Manage the skin - with a twice daily skin care program

  • A gentle cleanser – that removes daily build up without absolutely stripping the skin

  • Always remove makeup – coconut or jojoba oil remove makeup and help dissolve sebum

  • Quick treat - ‘Steam Cleanse’ – soak a face washer in hot water, carefully squeeze and cool slightly and place over face - the steam will open the skins pores to remove daily grime

  • Moisturising is imperative – use a light moisturizer providing a humectant (attracting water) keeping the skin hydrated

  • Weekly exfoliation followed by a facial mask – aid in removing dead skin cells and drawing out impurities from the skin, increasing blood circulation and healing

  • Tea Tree Oil - dab directly onto the blemish to promote healing

  • Be Patient – the skin is regenerating continually - with consistent care, healing and balance will be restored

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