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Being a Mother of 7 children, I have little time to spare. Using your facial products is so quick and easy, I feel that I am still treating myself as my skin is feeling and looking great.

 Sandra W. 



EUREKA…. My search is over!

I have found products worth more than Gold! Calvert Creak have created products that make your skin sing!

As a long term sufferer of many skin allergies; contact dermatitis on the palms of my hands is an almost instant indication of my touching anything that is not a natural product. After using Calvert Creak s’ facial and body bars along with the day milk - the first reaction from my hands was “lets do that again!!”

The nourishing blend of natural gifts balanced to perfection, were welcomed by every pore of my very experienced skin!! The shampoo bar has enriched my dry straw like hair – it is now healthy and shining with a greater depth of colour. My hands also approve of this shampoo and that’s a first!

I look forward to using many more Calvert Creak Products…….with complete confidence.

At 59 years old I have tried many many natural products, most were good. Calvert Creak s’ NATURAL SKIN NUTRITION is excellent – my glowing skin, shining hair and happy hands are proof!!

May everyone’s skin sing !!!

 Sue P.   



Thank you for giving me a product I can use with confidence, to continue my goal to acheive a chemical Free environment and the health and wellbeing assurances I gain.

 Ria G.  



My Mother has an irritating, annoying red rash from God knows what. The Body Butter (for problem skin) is the ONLY cream that has given her huge amounts of relief. Other pharmaceuticals are just not working. Thank you for a great product, she is very grateful.

 Carmel P.  



I am a 73yo in fairly good health, for the last 10 years I have suffered a severe allergic reaction from midgy bites and end up with large open sores, which are not attractive. Over the years I have lost self pride and confidence, due to this allergy. I have seen several doctors and tried countless remedies, creams and tablets (and lots of money later) nothing has worked.

I started daily moisturising - morning and night - with Luxury Body Care Butter (for problem skin)   and within a week my smaller scars and open blisters began to fade and heal, and the itching has stopped. I have been using this for about 4 months now and the majority of my sores have almost healed up totally and the scaring is also fading, I still get the occasional bite but with the cream they heal so much quicker. I use my cream religously and highly recommend this range. I am now looking forward to summer again.

 Madeleine B.  



I am 52 years of age and found love again and I am now looking after myself as now I have someone in my life who cares about me..  

I enjoy a lovely facial using the Deep Cleansing Hydrating Mask with a little of the Floral Water - I spread it on my face and lay down and relax and it is so relieving, the feel of my face alone I think had turned back 10 years. I always use the Age Defying Milk as this helps in restoring my skin. To me we all age gracefully, but we can help to promote our skin to stay healthier.

The Body lotion is lovely and the Luxury Body Care Butter is a fantastic healer, as I have many sunspots from being silly in my younger days, this helps to rejuvenate my skin. And as for the Massage Oil, well ladies you should get your man to give you an all over massage, it is not only good for your skin but good for your sex life !!

Using Calvert Creak products have benefited me in many ways and I will continue to use these products, my face is looking much better and it is so easy to use.

Thank you

 Bev M.



I have noticed such a difference in my psoriasis and my skin in general since using your products. I have never found     anything as effective over a longer period of use as your product.
 Leeanne M.



Just wanted to tell you that I have been using your body butter, it has cleared up my rash but more than that, I had my   regular skin check and doctor said what ever I am using on my face it is clearing up sun spots. Anyway she found one     on   my husbands forehead so he had to go back 7 days later to have it scrapped and tested. But in that time he used         your         body butter on his forehead every night then the doctor had trouble finding it when he went back for the           scrapping so     obviously the butter was clearing it up. 

So Pleased :)

 Barbara C.



I love your products so much. The only products I have used that actually work on keeping my psoriasis at bay.  I recommend your products to everyone, swear by them and love that they are so affordable as well.

Thank you so much.❤

 Leeanne M.



I wanted to say many thanks for your wonderful vitmain c serum. It has made a huge difference in my skin, which now   feels rejuvanted, smooth and so soft. Thank you and I'm looking forward to buying more products from you soon. All     the best.

 Ang G.


I was lucky to receive your products as a Christmas gift last year from my daughter. I wanted to thank you for your wonderful products, as they've made a huge difference to the texture and softness of my skin. And as I'm now in my mid 60's I have tried many products over the years but nothing compares to your range.

Thank you.

 Maree M.






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